What distance make to us.

Distance make us be wild and constant, make us be brave and put all our ilusion in a future that is still far away. Distance turns us into soldiers in a war against time where we are alone in the frontline. Is a big monster that scratch your chest when you try to sleep, is a dark nightmare that hunt you at night. But maybe the distance make us love each other more than no one in the world, maybe it make us learn how to live and build the strongest future, perhaps distance give us prespective and make us be realistic, let us breathe and invite us to surpass ourselves. Probably it make us appreciate more what we actually have and forget what we need, it give us the greatest moments and makes us remember them forever. Maybe the distance twist everything the night that i meet you the first time, becouse maybe it is not distance, is just fate. Maybe distance makes me mourn sometimes, I wish I could be with you always, but what is is what must be, and now we have to miss each other to get a bigger hug tomorrow. You and the distance has learn me that I am strong, and that if you have a dream you have to be strong. The distance makes me love you more each day, here, far away from you, and you must know that even if im not sleeping on your side every night, you will never be alone, couse i will never let you be it.

Someday there will be only one-way ticket,
I promise.